1. What if we find injured wildlife?

Best bet is to leave injured wildlife alone, but you can also call a wildlife rehabilitator to remove the animal.

2. Does C&C Wildlife Management deal with dogs and cats?

No, dogs and cats are domestic animals not wildlife animals, and are governed by Ag. & Markets law. Animal control officers in your municipality can assist you with pets. Also, in many cases animal control officers are not trained to deal with wildlife species.

3. Does C&C Wildlife Management deal with insects?

No, C&C Wildlife does not have a pesticide applicators permit. We recommend that you call Cornell Cooperative Extension at 518-765-3500 for legitimate insect control operators.

4. What if we find newly born/hatched offspring?

Again, best bet is to leave it alone since the parents are likely to be in the area and may protect their young by going after you!

5. Can I legally relocate wildlife from my property?

In NYS, without a nuisance wildlife permit, homeowners cannot legally transport wildlife off of your property.

6. What is your service area?

Primarily, we serve Albany, Schenectady, Rennselaer and Saratoga counties, but depending on the job and time of year, C&C Wildlife Management will travel to other sites.

7. Are nuisance wildlife companies required to be licensed and insured?

A nuisance wildlife permit from NYSDEC is required in order to collect a fee for trapping wildlife. Insurance is not required, however, C&C Wildlife Management is insured through NWCOA.

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