There are numerous species of snakes in NYS the vast majority of which are NOT POISONOUS. In fact in NYS there are timber rattle snakes and copperheads which are about the only two that are poisonous. However, in some snakes the saliva can cause an allergic reaction but this is much different from a poison. That said the most important thing when reporting a snake is the color and detailed description which is obviously used for identification purposes although not only do patterns change from species to species but individual to individual, male to female and young to adult. The location of the snake is also important starting with is it inside or outside and what time of day the snake(s) are typically seen. Being cold blooded snakes are attracted to warmer areas but like to hide in hard to reach crevices. Snake dens are often rocky areas with many crevices such as underneath concrete slabs or decorative rock beds. Various snake species will breed at different times but typically young are hatched from eggs in the spring. All snakes are carnivorous and eat small mammals, amphibians and birds. One way to prevent problems with snakes is to eliminate or reduce suitable habitat such as long grass and swampy areas which typically house many prey species and eliminate crevices and other entrances into your house such as water pipes leading to a sump pump or downspouts that allow a snake to stay around your home. Snakes don’t typically cause “damage” per se and in fact are in most cases beneficial from an ecological standpoint but are so misunderstood that they often instill fear in homeowners. Droppings are difficult to identify and about the only tell tale sign other than an actual sighting is a “shed” which is an older skin layer left behind as the snake grows. Snakes fees are the same as mice - $250 for a two week cleanout and $450 for a year long service.