Pigeons vary widely in color but are generally a bluish color with a white rump with a range that encompasses the entire US. In fact pigeons are extremely dependent on humans for food and habitat requirements. Because pigeons are arguably the most common nuisance bird they are not protected by NYS law. Pigeons eat primarily grains and seeds that are left out by humans. They often hang out in higher locations on the edges of buildings or on the tops of steeples where they can easily see predators. Pigeons can be easily captured with specially designed cages that allow them to enter but not leave. Pigeons are monogamous with the male building the nest and the female tending to any eggs which typically hatch 18 days after being laid. Pigeon damage is often measured by the amount of droppings which can accelerate the deterioration of buildings as well as provide aesthetic issues, including foul odors. The droppings also carry a number of diseases that can be passed along to livestock and humans as well as ruin crops. Pigeons are often controlled with poisons and by substances designed to prevent ovulation and thus reproduction. Trapping and removing can also have a dramatic effect on current and future populations as can the introduction of a natural predator such as falcons and hawks.Pigeon fees: C&C Wildlife Management uses specially designed pigeon traps to reduce pigeon populations full well knowing that a reduction in pigeon numbers reduces damage in the present but also reduces future populations by preventing nesting and thus replacement generations. Generally, pigeon traps are checked every 2-3 days with any birds removed and bait refreshed. Pigeons are $395 per month - a 6 month contract would receive a 5% discount and a 1 year contract would receive a 10% discount.